Saturday, June 03, 2017

Lazada GSS Sale: "Surprise Box" Campaign! #lazadasg #lazadaGSS #goglobalshoplocal #jabra


If you have been following my blog, you would know i am not into advertorials and prefer to pay my hard earned money to review food, products. 

That said, i am the kind who enjoyed buying mystery bags from the HDB mamak shops when i was young and when Lazada sent me an email to participate in an upcoming Great Singapore Sale (GSS) campaign from 06-08 June 2017 and the item is a surprise box, i jumped at the opportunity! 

The exciting moment of anticipation as i opened up the Lazada x Jabra box; content was said to be worth over S$100 and if you manage to grab a box during the campaign period, it will be heavily discounted at only S$29 each! Make a video of you unboxing it, add in the hashtag #lazadasurprises and you might just walk away with attractive prizes! 

So, What's Inside the Box?

Jabra Screen Cleaner Sticker
This used to be the rage in the past and was often given as small little corporate gifts. What has Jabra, an audio headset company, got to do with screen cleaning!? Beats me. 

Nevertheless, i actually like this nifty product! Of course, it has its explicit usefulness for the phone screen although as a spectacle-wearer, it's more important to keep my glasses dust-free and fingerprint-free! 

The piece given was rather larger and fit nicely on the back of my humongous Otter-Defender iPhone Plus casing. I am just hoping its stickiness would last for a longer period of time; the last one lasted only about two weeks. 

Jabra Step Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset
The item that cost the most in the whole box and obviously the highlight for today's posting. Honestly, i was a bit disappointed as i recently got a headset for over S$150 and i usually don't start on a new device until the last one is spoilt! 

Missing out a significant point and realising it only when i was taking photographs for this posting can change disappointment into happiness.

How could i miss out the word 'wireless'?! Even though i am hesitant to use Bluetooth for my daily weekday journey to and fro work (given their drain on battery life), i thought of one activity that has lain dormant for far too long.

It would be perfect for jogging! I might have stopped the cardio exercise for more than 8 years but with weight that's increasingly harder to lose, drastic measure must be taken and i have been procrastinating for far too long! 

A closer look revealed that it's in-ear pod; a feature i detest as they usually don't fit my ears! Never be too quick to judge as the design does allow the ear pods to be kept into place.

Time to start jogging again! Speaking of which, the potential weight loss would require a necessary change in wardrobe and there's no better time than to check out Lazada's Great Singapore Sale's where there's up to 90% discount off items and flash deals every 2 hours with attractive offers!

Use voucher code: GSSCAVIN18 

3 More Days to Lazada GSS Sale!
p.s. there's a missing 3rd item from the box. It was there a day ago but i was asked to remove it to add to the mystery of the "surprise box". Shrugs. Frankly, you wouldn't miss much from the lack of information for the 3rd item.


  1. Again lazada Gss sale is going on, I am going to purchase lot of products form there .

    1. hope you got some really good buys! :)


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