Monday, June 12, 2017

Guksu Restaurant - Hotpot, Jeongol, Noodle, Fried Chicken Wing, Watermelon Soju @ Suntec City Mall [Singapore]

Without any travel posts to fill up this blog for the next one month or so, i have to rely on the original basis that resulted in the creation of this account; food, and this time, i shall bring you to a self-claimed new age Korean restaurant to check out their offerings! 

Guksu Restaurant @ Suntec City Mall - the above photo was taken at 9.20 pm, when we left; i would always try to show you guys and gals how the "insides" look like. Was the place packed at dinnertime? It sure was and there's even a queue outside.

Please use the tablet to order your meal. As with most technology, the algorithms may not be as complex as the human's mind and things might not work perfectly. I experienced it that day when i couldn't send my order for the chicken wing + watermelon soju set! 

Let's check out the bar counter! Do note that you are only given free flow sauces and side dishes. Drinks are chargeable and they depend on what you request for. 

Those craving for soft drinks can opt for coca cola, coke zero, fanta grape and sprite. Sorry, juscool and Yeo's ice lemon tea were either sold out or unavailable. 

Traditionalists would be pleased to have the corn tea; cold or hot. The incredibly warm weather for the past few weeks warranted a cold corn tea! Frankly, i had totally forgotten that we still had watermelon soju although i thought it wouldn't be sufficient to quench our thirst. 

Sauces, seeds, nuts and other condiments. For a moment, it almost felt like i was in a Chinese hotpot restaurant but the kimchi brought me to back to reality. 

Guess you don't need further explanation for the above. 

Drinks, checked. Cutlery; checked. Portable stove for the army stew; checked. Where's our food?! My personal pet peeve about dinner is that i prefer to have it before 7 pm and the later i have my food, the more impatient i get. Not the fault of the restaurant, obviously. 

Kimchi - i don't know kimchi well enough to know the different types but i do know that i would love to get a bottle of this kimchi so that i can mix them to my instant noodles for that tangy sweet yet sour bite.

Budae Jjigae - known popularly as army stew, i don't count this as a traditional stew since it's a rather 'recent' creation after the Korean war and came with beef broth (oops, didn't know it's beef), luncheon meat, ham, sausages, kimchi, beancurd, instant noodles, rice cake and vegetables. 

To put it bluntly, a pack of self-cooked Myojo seafood instant noodles taste better. Granted there were sufficient ingredients to pamper us, the broth wasn't rich and flavourful enough to wow us. Maybe it needs more instant noodles seasoning?

Soy Chicken Wings with Watermelon Soju Set - i think i am enjoying my alcohol nowadays as the usual me wouldn't even have a sip of alcoholic drink! Whatever the case, it's a nice display of chicken wings ahead of us. 

For the chicken wing platter, you can choose from classic, soy, spicy and wasabi and from the picture, i am guessing there were about ten chicken wings, divided into ten parts of drumettes and ten parts of wingettes. 

Don't want to dirty your hands?! Grab the gloves! This supposedly kind gesture deprives diners from the "finger-licking good" experience but without a washing area within the restaurant; even i decided to don the gloves.

Verdict on the chicken wings - i like the fact that it's dripping of aromatic sweetness and the skin, dotted with sesame seeds, retained that delicious crunchiness! If not for the fact that i am sharing with three persons, i could easily clean up the entire plate! Kon felt that it's too wet though. 

On the watermelon soju -it was rather light and not as sweet as i thought it would be. The problem was that the more i had, the better i enjoyed the alcoholic beverage. 

It would not be so bad with just that one watermelon. However, there was an extra jug containing even more of the fruit soju! 

And with it right in front of me, i couldn't help but keep going. I kid you not; i am like the taker of almost half of the watermelon soju! Even though i didn't get drunk, i was high (and red) and i literally collapsed onto my bed after washing up. Strangely, it felt good. 


3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-385 (above Uniqlo),
Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983


Budae Jjigae - S$39.90
Chicken Wings with Watermelon Soju Set - S$59.00
5% Discount if you pay by Cash
(Subject to GST & Service Charge)

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