Sunday, June 25, 2017

Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (DX-118C) - A Powerful Suction & It's Inexpensive! - Purchased from

Ever since i moved into my own house, which was already more than a year ago, i had been wanting to purchase a handheld vacuum cleaner and i finally got one through

I was expecting a vacuum cleaner but i sure didn't know there were so many helpful accessories given as well since the price i paid for it was honestly quite an eye-popper.

This 60-cm extender would allow me to reach the ceiling of my HDB flat and that's important as spiders had taken over some corners and dust accumulation on the air-conditioning trunking can be such an eye sore! 

Don't worry about the wire as it's about 4 meters long! 

It can even be converted into an upright vacuum cleaner for your floor! Now, i have my fair share of expensive handheld vacuum cleaners with horrendous suction power but this came strongly recommended by two friends and it had a supposedly strong suction at 600 W.

Want to know how well it performs? Check out the video above! 

The suction was really powerful and i not complaining of its noise as i only paid S$35.01 for it! Add in shipping and it's still less than S$40.00! 

Only problem i faced was how to store the vacuum and its accessories since the box they came with were rather destroyed by me in my haste to check out my purchase. Hmmmm...


Purchased From

Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (DX-118C) - S$35.01
Shipping Cost - S$2.99

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