Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WTF (What's That Food) - Real Beef Shabu Burger @ Yishun Pasar Malam [Singapore] #WTFoodSG

Living within 5 minutes' walk from the train station has its perks and one of them is that temporary pasar malams (night markets) outside the Yishun station would take place once every few months! 

While most people would go for the many ramly burger stalls, i hesitated one evening as i am honestly famished and there's no way my tummy can accept any waiting in a queue. That's when i chanced upon the above stall.

WTF (literally) - i actually remember this particular stall as it was one of a few hundred at the Chinatown Festive Street Bazaar this year that had an unforgettable name! 

Back then, i wanted to try but with so many guaranteed-good food options at Chinatown (teriyaki chicken don, yong tau foo, soy sauce chicken, seafood dumplings etc etc); i had to give it a miss despite the irresistible waft of freshly grilled shabu meat! 

Anyway, i am adamant to try it this time, especially when there's no queue! Why no queue? I can think of three causes; firstly, the price which, at S$5 for the beef, was slightly higher than a ramly burger; secondly, the novelty of shabu burger and lastly (thanks to a conversation i had with fellow colleagues today), some people do feel that a burger must come with a patty.

I am shallow when it comes to burgers then as anything you can put in between a burger bun can be considered a burger; even if it is just a slice of tomato, a smattering of lettuce and a splash of chilli mayonnaise. 

Of course i wouldn't pay S$5 for the aforementioned burger with meagre ingredients but for the above, with a generous amount of thinly sliced 100% rib-eye, my only wish then was to grab the top bun, place it on top and gobble up the entire thing!

Patience, patience; if not you would miss out on more important ingredients like the caramelised onions that's bound to up the palatability! I should seriously make it a point to find the recipe for this amazing stuff.

According to an informative panel in front of the stall, i gathered that the burger included crunchy lettuce, sauce maison, beef shabu shabu, caramelised onions and cheese sauce. It's like a flow chart that gave me an accurate prediction that my burger was about to be ready! 

Simply wrapped with a WTF sticker to hold the wrapper in place, this was taken at the comfort of my home where i can take hundred of pictures without drawing any attention. 

Burger was already flattened at this time but fear not, it's still the taste that matters and it was as delicious as it smelt with the juicy meat juice oozing from the well seasoned shabu beef. I am swallowing my saliva now as i recalled the flavour that swam together with the sweetness of caramelised onions and cheese sauce! 

Nothing's perfect though; i would prefer more caramelised onions and the burger bun can be grilled longer with a bigger slab of butter. If only there's also an option to add on a fried egg....; darn, i am getting greedy! 

Nevertheless, i cleaned up everything; save for the wrapper. 


At the Pasar Malam outside Yishun MRT Station which would end on Wednesday, 29 March 2017. Miss it? No worries; check out WTF Facebook page below for their latest location!

Facebook Page

Real Beef Shabu Burger - S$5.00 for one
Real Beef Shabu Burger - S$9.00 for two

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