Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Roasted Delights (Soya Sauce Chicken & Char Siew) from Jing Ma Che (HK) Roasted Porridge Noodle House @ Chong Pang, Yishun Block 101 [Singapore]

Alex has a foodie friend who frequently dishes out food recommendations and he recently shared on our LINE group of this roasted delight stall at Chong Pang that's like walking distance from my house! 

I chose a lazy Sunday to check out the stall known as Jing Ma Che (HK) Roasted Porridge Noodle House; Jing Ma Che is literally translated to Golden Horse Carriage, a name more synonymous to a gambling den than a food stall.

Nevertheless, i proceeded to order the roast chicken (as recommended by that friend) and when asked if i would want to add char siew, i agreed without any hesitation! Compared to roast chicken, my love for char siew is way deeper.

Served on a separate plate, it was a visual feast and i am happy to note the addition of fresh looking achar (a type of pickle in this region)! A bowl of soup was also provided and i must say it was rather flavourful; unlike those bland ones given for free in other stalls. 

Chilli was hot by the way (for my standard) and aside from the sweet and sourish achar which i enjoyed very much, another special from Jing Ma Che was the generous dollop of minced garlic paste. Don't belittle it; it added an appetizing punch to the chicken. Another thing that stood out, albeit not in a good way, was the roast chicken as i thought they didn't look like the roast chicken i was accustomed too. 

Turned out they were soya chicken! If you want me to rank the different types of roasted delights, soya chicken would be on the lower rung even though i have had pretty good ones around. The ones here were not bad with a soft texture and slide in to my mouth smoothly. My only complaint was that there were too many bones! 

From the dry, slightly pinkish and hardly charred appearance, i must say i was kicking myself for not going for the roast pork instead! I had to thank my lucky stars as they were surprisingly good; they were fatty, tender and flavoured nicely with a light smoky aftertaste. 

Never judge food by their appearance! p.s. the stall was actually more famous for their roast duck and i guess it wouldn't take too long for me revisit very soon in the near future.


Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5,
Singapore 760101

As above (red star).

Soya Chicken + Char Siew Rice - S$5.50

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