Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lam's Signatures; Lam's Abalone Noodle & Salt Baked Kampong Whole Chicken @ Marina Square [Singapore]

To be honest, i didn't know what to expect from Lam's Signatures since it's my first time hearing about this eatery and the only famous "lam" i know is hock lam beef noodle. However, i was brought there by the Great Kon; a most sought-after food connoisseur among friends! 

I did some research about this lam's signatures and i am darn surprised to hear that the owner, Ah Lam, is a creator for the mini work noodle (小碗面) concept in 1997. This innovative concept has since been replicated by many noodle stalls in the industry and i am one of those happy customers who love it! p.s. above picture was taken at the end of the day as we were the last customers.

Before i start with the signatures, i would like to recommend the ice blended drinks; the above which i had was wolfberry and fruits ice blended; it would definitely appeal to those who love Chinese wolfberries! Kon's vegetable and fruits ice blended was even better with a strong dosage of vegetables that tasted utterly delicious! 

Salt Baked Kampong Whole Chicken - wasn't as salty as i thought with a herbal aftertaste; frankly, although it was refreshing to have salt baked chicken every now and then, it isn't my cup of tea and i would prefer fried chicken anytime. 

Abalone Noodle -   At S$7.00 a bowl, it was indeed pricey but i figured topping up the S$2 for that extra skewer of abalone pieces and scallop would be more worth it than paying S$5.00 for a bowl of "original" noodle. 

It's the vinegarish, minced pork noodle style and even though i am quite happy with the amount of vinegar in the bowl, the Great Kon felt otherwise! 

Noodles wise, they were al-dente and covered with an aromatic layer of appealing pork lard oil. On one hand, i was quite sad that the portion was quite little. On the other hand, we didn't get that overwhelming carbohydrate intake which would have been disastrous given that i would be having the rare heavy meal quite late at night! 

Saving the best for the last! 


Balloon themed exhibition at Marina Square atrium.
Already ended on 19 March 2017.
6 Raffles Boulevard, #04-102C, 
Marina Square, Singapore 039594 


As above. To zoom in, right-click and save the picture as i have provided the photograph with original resolution. 

Wolfberry and Fuits Ice Blended - S$3.50
Salt Baked Kampong Whole Chicken - S$23.80
Abalone Noodle - S$7.00
(Inclusive of GST)


  1. I wonder how does the salted chicken compare to the Ipoh one? Have been craving for it since I tried the one at Ipoh.

    1. Good question as i am aware that salt-baked chicken is famous in Ipoh. Pity i didn't try any when i was last there....


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