Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cosplayers of the Horror Realm @ Bandung [Indonesia]

Our family chanced upon a group of cosplayers during our Bandung trip last December and i am so excited to see a group of cosplayers that don't draw their inspiration from the conventional fantasy games, comic book characters etc.

They daringly took up the characters that would bring a chill down the spines of scaredy cats; the ghosts / demons / undead! For those who are unaware (partly because i have not been posting much under the "horror" label), i am a great fan of the paranormal and love the thrill of being scared out of my wits while watching a horror film! 

I generally do not like to take photos with strangers although my heart did skip a beat or two when i saw this cosplayer, decked out in nun clothing, seated on the road. It's the infamous nun Valak from the movie series, Insidious!

Okay, HE might not look like the exact replica but i am still keen to pay and take a photo with him. Pity the ciggie craving struck and he stepped away for a puff. Poor man, who happened to be in the above photo, appeared to be scared shitless in front of impostor Valak

Hm... i wonder if he would be going home in that same attire. Bet he would scare the shit of many people on his way home, even if he was smoking his life away! Haha. 

Those who prefer "healthier" characters can still get their pictures taken with cute cosplayers like the angel in my first photo. If not, there were also the popular Pikachu and Olaf! 


Along Jalan Asia Afrika during car free Sundays,
Bandung, Indonesia

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