Friday, March 03, 2017

Budgie / Parakeet at Work

I was on the way back to my office when i noticed a kid at the corner using his long jacket sleeve to swipe at something that was blocked from my view. Out of curiosity, i actually stopped and tilted my head back; just so i can catch a glimpse of what's in front of the child.

Surprisingly, i found a budgerigar on the metal ledge and upon clarification with the boy's mom, the little cutey thing doesn't belong to them. My first thought was why didn't the mom stop her child from being so cruel but i stopped my tongue from berating them as the day didn't quite start right for me and i must prevent myself from spoiling my day further. 

The budgie (short for budgerigar) was just standing there and although trying its best to avoid my nearing hand, it didn't go full out and fly away.

My experience with birds back when i was working at a pet store is limited but my suspicion told me it's likely a pet with its wings clipped.  It wouldn't have dared to spread its wings as there's a high likelihood it would just jump to its death from the second floor. 

No owner appeared to be on site and i am worried as leaving it alone might not be in its best interest, especially not with that kid around. However, i am rushing off for another appointment and didn't have much time to spare.

I did manage to snap some photos though using my iPhone 7; damn am i impressed with the quality. In just a few years' time, the quality of photographs from smartphone has jumped leaps and i think it would not be long before people would start abandoning huge ass and heavy DSLR for the very much lighter alternative. 

Before leaving, i warned the kid not to bully the budgie and make a mental note to return after my appointment to see if it would still be around (it wasn't). As the area is frequently filled with students walking past, i was hopeful that caring students would lend a helping hand in no time.

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