Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Flower Wreath Congratulatory Boards in Indonesia @ Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel (Bandung)

Travelling overseas can be an eye-opener as the differences in cultures can be extremely interesting, even if it is a few hours of plane ride out of Singapore! 

On the second day of our Bandung trip, we noticed a lot of boards decorated with flowers lining up outside the main lobby of Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel and it didn't take us long to realise they were the Singapore equivalence of flower wreaths and bouquet stands!

Sent by companies to congratulate the hotel on its first anniversary; i personally feel that the design was rather homogeneous with size being the obvious factor to make one's board stand out. 

This deviated slightly from Singapore's concept which focuses heavily on the use of flower display to compete with one another. In Indonesia's case, fresh flowers constituted less than 50% of the surface area and although pretty in their own way, the placement of each bouquet was nothing out of the norm. 

To "stick" the bouquets and prevent them from falling prey to this thing we know as gravity, there's a need to prop them using sticks and flexible wires that could only be seen when you peer nearer.

Strips of styrofoam were bundled up to have that "pom pom" feel.

Even the messages were either printed on the canvas or glued using cut styrofoam letters; frankly, not very eco-friendly even though Singapore florists use the styrofoam too, given their lightness. 

In case you thought the words were made up of chrysanthemum flowers, look closer; they were just strips of yellow paper! So, which one do you prefer; Singapore or Indonesia's version of flower wreaths?


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