Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Last Day of the Four Days, Three Nights Bangkok Trip in 2015

The last day of our trip started on a cab which shall bring us to suvarnabhumi international airport; basically, we didn't do anything save for waking up, taking a bath, tidying the luggage and bargaining with the cab driver for a reasonable price.

Driving past Pratunam market after leaving lemontea hotel. Time was about 6.43am and the market was already bustling! Pity i am never an early riser and prefer to wait till the sun is shining on my butt before i would crawl out of bed. 

The morning Bangkok sky.

Sun rays breaking through the thick layer of clouds; scientific name of which i could never ever remember despite the numerous reminders by Alex.

A nicer photograph of the sun rays from another angle. Compared to the sunrise, i find sunset a lot easier to bask in its glory; reason being i am usually sleepier at daybreak, like many people in the world.

Suvarnabhumi international airport right in front of us; as it was so darn early, there was no jam and we managed to reach this juncture within twenty five minutes! 

Personally, it would be recommended to take the evening flight but there are a few issues on hand; one, the price of the air ticket is a lot more expensive and you would likely face jams, regardless of whether it is on the road or at the check in counter. 

Wow, a full multi-storey car park! 

Arrival at the drop off within 30 minutes since departing from lemontea hotel. I thought it was indeed a fast journey; one that was almost unheard of given Bangkok's bad reputation for traffic.

Heng ah, only 20.4 kilograms! I was expecting a lighter check-in baggage although this was seriously disappointing by Alex and my standards! Nevertheless, we promised to be back in half a year's time!

Towering statues known as yaksha demon warriors at the international check-in level; those who frequent the airport would notice they used to be at the arrival plaza. So why were they moved? According to the grapevine, the constant problems faced by the airport since opening have been attributed to the demons' placement and it was decided moving them would bring better feng shui to the airport. 

I love checking out departure lounges, especially those with many retailers! Changi International Airport hast set a gold standard even though many in the Asia region have started catching up!

Believe it or not; we had an exorbitantly priced breakfast at burger king ....... Having said that about the pricing, it wasn't as crazy as the ones we paid for in Maldives

Last minute purchase for Tao Kae Noi seaweed products; for more variety and promotions, check out the Tao Kae Noi outlet at Terminal 21! 

This landmark sculpture has been here as long as i remember and it's known as the Churning of the Milk Ocean; for the untrained eyes (like mine), it was just a tug of war between two parties. 

Rather than the common rope, it was a tussle using the legendary snake deity called Naga. For explanation of what the sculpture is all about, click here

The gate was on the other side of the terminal and we thought we would once again be the last few to board the plane! I should not have taken my time in the washroom!

Turned out we were not as late as the rest of our tour mates! Like us, they didn't expect the gate to be so far away! Hahaha, we were almost certain they couldn't make it. 

Our plane for the day; an AXN-decorated plane. 

Even with this morning flight, it was quite full. As it was Singapore's national day, i wonder if it was because many are Singaporeans who could not wait to celebrate the nation's 50th birthday at home or, flight tickets were too expensive for the later flights.

Ready to taxi off the runway! 

Lifted off at 10.45am; a delay of about 25 minutes. If i have known earlier, i would have spent more time at the OTOP shops. 

Blue skies - the scene Singaporeans, West Malaysians and some Indonesians is looking forward to in recent weeks due to the worsening haze condition. 

In celebration with Singapore's birthday, Jetstar was giving out S$5 voucher with no minimum purchase! Things sold were expectedly expensive but i could resist a deal, particularly when airline premiums do not usually have discounts!

Hence, i opted for two jetstar plushies for the Jovyn and Jerald! Speaking of which, i have not seen them around since then and wonder if they have been abandoned to the store room......

Original price: S$20! 

Peninsular Malaysia right below us! With cameras that have the GPS functionability, it's no longer difficult to pinpoint exactly where you are high in the sky.

An island known as Pulau Besar (or simply, Big Island) which was near to Pulau Tioman. I was in fact offered a complimentary trip to the island although it eventually fell through when the company wasn't keen to pay for two persons. 

No idea where this was; however, it was only about an eight minute plane ride from Changi Airport and it would definitely be along the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Landed safely! 

This time round, i am rekindling my interest in the Vodka collection. With the purchase of a new flat, i think i might finally have some space to display my collection! 


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