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Review of NS Golden Green Serviced Suite @ Berjaya Times Square [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

Berjaya Times Square, with its more than ten levels of retail therapy and Malaysia's biggest indoor theme park, is no stranger to many frequent visitors. I have been wanting to stay at the hotel wing since it started operation ten years ago but budget consideration was always on the back of my head. 

Travelling with my parents this time, i decided to splurge a bit more by checking out Berjaya Times Square hotel (which also has the added advantage of being very close to the place where we would take the coach back to Singapore).

Imagine my confusion when i clicked on the map function for; how come there are so many hotels WITHIN Times Square?! Many of them were in fact clusters of service apartments located in the East Tower (otherwise known as Tower A). 

Since i have to book for a three-bedder anyway and the indicative price was pretty reasonable, i opted for the superior suite at NS Golden Green Serviced Suite!

Let's start with the good things; first of which was the fantastic, panoramic view at the suite assigned to us on the 28th floor! Even my parents were kind of taken aback by the breathtaking scene since they knew i am a miser when it comes to overseas accommodation. 

The suite was large and even came with an attached living room! 

In addition to a fridge and wash basin, there was even a microwave oven! Honestly, we didn't use any of them although i believe i might likely fill the fridge with ice cream, yakult and soft drinks if i went with the Gang of Four. 

A comfortable double bed and a single bed! I admit the furnishing could do with a bit of touch up although decoration, or the lack of it, has never been much of a problem for me, 

Bathroom and washroom were separated - as you could probably gauge from the above, it was a good sized washroom rarely found in hotels without paying top prices. 

Even the bathroom came with both shower and long bath facilities! 

Complimentary wifi in room could sometimes mean a few rooms sharing the same wireless signal. In this serviced apartment, you are guaranteed to have your own router which means surfing was WAY faster! 

You are also given access to the swimming pool and fitness centre; none of which i made use of. In fact, i didn't even have the time to check out the fitness centre! 

Young kids might also enjoy the small playground next to the pool. Older kids should consider paying Cosmo World indoor amusement park a visit instead! 

Just to give you a basic understanding of the suite, you may refer to the not-to-scale floor plan i drew for your easy reference. 

Now's the time to rant about the bad things we encountered. There was no physical counter for you to check in and you MUST make a phone call to a Malaysian number printed on the hotel voucher. Someone would then meet you OUTSIDE Tower A aka Berjaya Times Square East (not Tower B, where the hotel's check in counters were located).

This same person would then bring you up to a non-airconditioned hotel room on the 22nd level where there is a counter for you to pay your deposit and collect your room cards. 

The sight that greeted us as we entered the suite was shocking; bed that had not been tidied up, rubbish bin was filled up to the brim and litter was everywhere! This is the first time i have had such an experience!

Bad luck continued with issues like CRT television wasn't working (due to a loose cable), no towel, password for router was incorrect etc. Thankfully, the Bangladeshi worker was able to rectify them when we returned to the suite a few hours later. 

Another problem was one of inconveniences. The use of access cards for rooms is common practice among hotels. However, it has a much wider use here and you NEED it to enter the main lobby, exit to the shopping centre and even to press the 28th floor button in the lift! 

Most people would disregard the terms and conditions sheet. I happened to glance through and you know what i found? Daily housekeeping is from 9.30am till 5.00pm and there is no such service on Sunday! I could only wish clean freaks all the best if they happen to book for NS Golden Green Serviced Suite...

p.s. i am unsure if this is the same situation with the rest of the serviced suites in Berjaya Times Square that are operated by different companies.


East Wing (Tower A), Times Square,
No 1, Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Price via
One night stay on Saturday - S$93.48
[no breakfast and includes all taxes] 

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