Saturday, February 08, 2014

Halal Certified Da Jie Niang Dou Fu (大姐酿豆腐) @ Clementi [Behind Masjid Darussalam]

I have quite a number of Muslim friends and it was often a challenge in the past to find a place where i can dine with my Muslim friends other than fast food restaurants; more often than not, a food court would be our best bet.

Times have changed of course and it is increasingly easy to find dining establishments with a Halal logo displayed right outside the shop. One such eatery is Da Jie (Da Jie means big sister by the way) Niang Dou Fu. 

Initially, i was quite amused to hear of halal niang dou fu since pork was freely used in quite a few items that you can choose to fill up the bowl and being the skeptical me, i was all prepared to be disappointed. 

Having said that, i was very impressed with the wide array of ingredients on display that you can add to your niang dou fu! It was, metaphorically speaking, similar to seeing a luxurious display of pleasing cakes that beckon you to try every single one of them!

My eyes were definitely attracted to the deep fried items; there were so many to choose from, including sweet yam, prawns and even chicken nuggets! 

Furthermore, unlike conventional non-Halal yong tau foo stalls / restaurants, Da Jie offered an incredible five basic styles; normal (soup), laksa, tomyam, hakka and ampang! 

Not sure what they are? Check out the above explanation!

Ordering was fuss free; choose whatever you want (so long you have the monies to pay for it), inform the cashier the style you want and whether you want noodles, rice or kosong, pay, collect the number plate and then wait for your food to arrive!

My friends' order; soup and laksa. 

Mine; Niang Dou Fu Ampang style! As you can see, close to 95% was my favourite deep fried stuff drenched in that savoury sauce that was said to be mildly spicy! 

No complaint about the fried items; the assortment was already a plus point and the quality was in fact much better than many average ones in the market. Top on my list was the deep fried yam!! 

Sauce wise, it wasn't that spicy and unfortunately, could not match the one i had at 922 Hakka Ampang Yong Tau Foo.


354, Clementi Avenue 2,
#01-253 (Behind the mosque)

As above


I paid less than S$7.00 for my Ampang order but it really depends on what you choose. The items are priced on average S$0.60 per serving / piece. 

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