Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hakata Ippudo SG (一风堂) @ Westgate [Next to Jurong East MRT Station]

When Japanese ramen started gaining popularity a few years ago, i had the good fortune to try quite a number of reputable ramen restaurants that were specially brought in from Japan. 

The one that eventually caught my heart was Ippudo Ramen at Mandarin Gallery. Four years have passed since and today, i am going to blog on Ippudo's newest branch in Singapore's latest shopping centre; Westgate! 

You may refer to my original review here as i realised the items we ordered in Wesgate's Ippudo were exactly the same as what we had then. For example, the Hakata gyozas were as delicious, and as TINY as i remember. 

Tori Karaage was hot and juicy with a marvellous crunch; other than that, i could not find much flavour excitement in what was essentially a piece of deep fried chicken. 

Akamaru Shinaji - with miso paste and garlic oil, this tasted plain yet had a smooth savouriness that totally appealed to my middle-aged palate. It was a tad too oily initially although i eventually came to the conclusion i didn't mix as vigorously as i should from the start.

Noodles, surprisingly, didn't appeal to me. You could actually choose the texture you want (soft, medium, hard or very hard) and i guess i made the wrong choice; my fault, my responsibility. 

I didn't show the picture here but the main star for that day was definitely the two pieces of pork belly! The beginning dullness of the meat was quickly replaced with bursts of wonderful, succulent flavour as i slowly chewed through! Absolute bliss! 


3, Gateway Drive, #03-03, Westgate 
[Next to Jurong East MRT Station]

Hakata Gyozas (5s) - S$7.00
Tori Karaage - S$8.00
Akamaru Shinaji - S$15.00
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

Website (including menu)

Additional Information
There seems to be more rules now; besides the common practice of not allowing you to be seated unless all members are present, you are not supposed to celebrate birthday in their premises and there is no such thing as takeaways or packing of leftover food! 

I took offence with the last one since i have a high tendency to over-order! And i don't see the point of wasting food i PAID for. 

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