Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frozen Tundra - The New Home for Inuka, World's First Polar Bear Born in the Tropics! @ Singapore Zoo

Late last year, our beloved Mrs Kon got all four of us free entries to the Singapore Zoo and although we have been there countless times, that was the very first time we checked out the pretty new exhibit; Frozen Tundra!

Some of you might be aware that Frozen Tundra is the new home for Inuka, our local-born polar bear who is also the first polar bear to be born in the tropics! And boy was the facility so much bigger than his last dwelling! 

We were ten minutes early for the 10am feeding show and decided to explore the surroundings. 

Unlike the previous polar bear exhibit, there is now an indoor section where we can seek cool, air conditioned respite from the sunny weather! Yooooohooo!

If there is a bed, i would sleep just as comfortably as this raccoon dog in one of the exhibits. Besides Inuka and raccoon dogs, you can also wolverines (a weasel type animal) behind thick glass panels. 

Most people's interest, however, was fixated on only one animal. Guess i don't need to tell you which one.

Inuka, who was basking under the hot sun in a position that could only be described as relaxing! Honestly, i have never felt so envious of an animal until then. Bloody bastard!

But, Inuka has a rather lonely life in this big enclosure. His father, Nanook, passed away in 1995 whereas the mother, Sheba, had to be put down in 2012. His only companions were zookeepers who had no idea how to speak polar bear language. 

Sadness aside, it's time for the feeding show!

The now twenty-four year bear was mindful that it was "makan time" and plonked into the water to prepare himself for some visitor-needed interaction.

I can fully understand that enthusiastic parents would not want to miss the opportunity for their kids to get as close as possible to the water tan but do spare a thought for the rest of us!!! You would not want me to block your view as well right?

Being Asians, we are less likely to voice out our annoyance and would merely just grumble within ourselves. Thankfully, the presenter would firmly ask the parents (or any adult) to fall back to their seats! 

She was more sympathetic towards young kids who had their faces plastered to the glass wall. Anyway, you could always have a more close up photography session with Inuka after the show! I would share with you shortly. 

More pictures of Inuka during the show. 

The star of the show sure knows how to work his charm and would briefly glance at the audience while he was underwater! I didn't manage to get those shots though, given my poor photography skill. 

This is it; the close up photography session with a life sized replica of Inuka! You wouldn't really expect the real Inuka to take a picture with you, showing his full set of pointy white teeth right?!

By the way, you can also bring Inuka home! :)


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