Monday, July 22, 2013

Whampoa Carrot Cake (Black Version) - The Long Wait Doesn't Justify! @ Whampoa Makan Place Hawker Centre

Don't know what to have for breakfast in a hawker centre? Go for the stall with the longest queue and chances are you would not be disappointed! 

I did mention chances; occasionally, slip-up does happen and we have to take it in our stride. Easier said than done, especially when i waited close to an hour to secure a plate of black carrot cake from this stall known as Whampoa Carrot Cake.

At S$3 a portion, it wasn't as black as i expected even though i have specifically asked for additional sweet black sauce. Taste wise, it might sit well with the older generation in offering traditional carrot cake that focused on flavouring rather than sweetness, which would mean i should have ordered the white version instead. 

Frankly, i was kicking myself for wasting precious time on a plate of unsatisfying carrot cake! And i did realise towards the end why the queue was moving so slowly; it's a one-man show and the stall sells porridge for which the owner took a bloody long time to prepare, cook and serve! 


92, Whampoa Drive, #01-06, 
Whampoa Makan Place and Market

S$3 a plate. 


  1. oh, i spot the famous handmade noodles stall in the last photo!


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