Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vampify - Turn Yourself Into a Blood Thirsty Vampire Effortlessly!

I am a fan of the horror genre; hardly shocking news given my curiousity for the paranormal and 'love' for exploring cemeteries / abandoned buildings! 

One particular branch that intrigues me is that of the immortal beings; vampires. There are numerous rumours on how to turn a hot-blooded human into a cold-blooded vampire but as usual, rumours are rumours with no conclusive evidence. 

With the advancement of technology, there is now a method for us to vampify ourselves, virtually! At the very least, this allows vampire buffs (note: fans of twilight movies etc) the opportunity to see how they look as the blood-thirsty being.

I had a fun time playing around with it and damn was i pleased with the results! My supposedly lifeless eyes were actually quite effective in portraying the right look! Guess i can audition for the halloween event this year! 

Mom was roped in as well to share in the fun! 

Horrifying right?! Hahahaha, the friendly image she built up over the years has basically broken apart with the above picture. It was more hilarious to view it over the app as the image would be animated and is capable of snarling and biting using that nice set of pointy canine teeth! 

It was even more comical for Alex! With his pair of large eyes, he appeared really harmless and would likely be bullied by other vampires.

Showing his fangs didn't help to increase the fear factor. In fact, girls would likely find him vulnerable and protect him at all costs! 

Still a bit too docile and similar to that of a retaliating dog! 

This was more like the real thing!


Download it from Apple App Store for free! 

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