Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 5 Elements Boutique Hotel - A Review @ Chinatown [Jalan Sultan], Kuala Lumpur

The scrooge in me would not spend more than fifty Singapore dollars a night for overseas accommodation unless i don't have a choice (limited selection etc), or some dumb ass offers to pay for it! Haha.

I would have gladly settled for the cheaper Citin Hotel in my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur but Alex fondly remembered walking past the 5 elements hotel the last time we were at Chinatown and proposed to foot the bill. Yeah!!

Guess the words "the five elements" - traditionally the Chinese philosophy for universal balance has had some effects on him especially pertaining to his stressful work.

Our "boarding" pass! Notice the strip of paper with many numbers? That's the password for the complementary in-room wifi! 

I hate hotel corridors; they are always so eerie!!! This reminded me of my posting on the ten taboos to note when staying in a hotel. For those who wish to know more, please click here


Before i show you the room, anyone wants to guess what lies beyond the curtain?

Ta dah! It has always been my dream to have a bay window sofa in my house and although it was only a temporary stay, it was truthfully almost a dream come true! 

Those apartments facing us was a bit of an anti-climax; i can so imagine wrinkly looking old men and women standing outside every door and waving to us at night. Just to set things straight; nothing of that sort happened. 

Both of us preferred to veer our eyes to the other side; the scenic view of Chinatown where we can see modern developments in Chinatown and its historical structures. 

Night view if you are interested.

Finally, a peek of our comfortable room! Honestly, the vibe was really soothing and i had the impulse to just crawl onto the bed and sleep the day away! 

Other amenities include a huge wardrobe where you can stuff an entire month of clothing which doesn't make much sense for short stayers like me. 

Television was a 32-inch LCD and i counted at least four power outlets to charge our devices! Good news initially until i realised only one was working perfectly! 

Bathroom was okay; no bath tub though... What i particularly like was the Chinese-designed porcelain basin; a vibrant "flower" in a sea of plainness. 


The cafe to have our complimenary breakfast is located on level 1 where it overlooks the shophouses bordering central Chinatown. On Sundays, you can even find a bustling flea market lining the road. 

Selection was severely limited and i had to comment that despite the pleasant surprise for the room, i was greatly disappointed by the breakfast.

Easily one of the worst i had. 
And i am a passive eater.


Lot 243, Jalan Sultan (Chinatown)

As above.

Deluxe (Normal Floor) - RM 197 in total

Website for Booking

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