Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sukiya (すき家) - Eat All You Can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu! @ Bugis Plus +

Fans of Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu would love to hear of this buffet version, perfected with an unlimited supply of premium pork, chicken and beef! 

Offering a selection of four basic soup bases, i could not remember what got into us that day as we decided to go with sukiyaki and touyu miso for our pot instead of their signature shabu shabu! Thinking back, it could likely be the novelty of trying something different. 

I was deliberating whether to post this picture as the soups didn't appear to be very appetising with all the frothy bubbles. Nonetheless, at least this would give you a rough idea on the pot used. 

The above bowl of mish and mash was served at the same time which i presumed was for the sukiyaki stock. It was a return trip back to the kitchen since the expensive meat was our ultimate aim and we had not allocated any stomach space for the fresh vegetables! 

Personally, i was eyeing the stuff at the healthy bar! Why bother giving me a standard bowl when i can take what i like from the bar like cheese tofu, cuttlefish balls etc?!

Not exactly healthy stuff if you ask me but the important thing is that you can pile up as much as you want! Do note that you don't get fish meat or fresh prawns; a major disadvantage when Chinese steamboat restaurants in the nearby Liang Seah street are offering a much wider variety.

Of course, i am aware that Sukiya is marketed nothing less than a Japanese restaurant and hence would have targeted a different clientele. Moreover, the high level of freshness (for the food) and overall cleanliness of the place have, no doubt, won it many loyal customers. 

My not-so-healthy selection from the healthy bar!

OOOoooooo our premium, thinly-sliced meats! Hardcore beef lovers can choose to top up S$6.90 for a serving of wagyu beef platter! I was already very satisfied with my beef even though i would likely order the wagyu the next time i am at Suki-ya. Must try mah! 

Before starting the feast, always visit the dipping sauce section and create your own concoction to go with the meat! Sadly, goma tare (sesame sauce) was not available and i had to make do with the delish spicy peanut sauce. 

I love mine with chopped spring onions! 

Guess i don't have to explain further on what you should do with the meat. Overall, i had to admit i was surprised by the high quality of meat given its very wallet-friendly buffet prices.

Concluding the filling meal with a bowl of self served vanilla ice cream (tasted similar to McDonald's ice cream, albeit a creamier version) peppered with rainbow sprinklers and cornflakes! 


201 Victoria Street,
#04-14/15, Bugis+

6884 5778

Lunch (Adult) - S$16.90
Dinner (Adult) - S$20.90
Lunch (Child) - S$12.90
Dinner (Child) - S$15.90
Extra S$2 for weekends, PH and eve of PH
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

Additional Information
Turn up early for dinner, especially on weekends, as the queue can be terribly long! It doesn't help that you can peer into the restaurant and see other diners enjoying their sukiyaki and shabu shabu. I waited for a torturing sixty minutes. :(


  1. Looks like DANRO. Is this by MOF?

  2. What a great review! I like the message Sukiya is marketed nothing less than a Japanese restaurant. Please feel free comment back another review at

    1. Thanks! Oh, they have suki-ya in Malaysia too? Howz the pricing?!


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