Friday, July 05, 2013

Last Day @ AIC (Agency for Integrated Care)

04 July 2013 - My last day with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), a government linked outfit that totally blew me off with a culture that was unlike most government linked agencies.

Before you start thinking how bad it was, i am going to stop you right now by emphasizing i totally enjoyed my stay in AIC; environment was aligned to the desirable work-hard play-hard philosophy and the management embraced continuous learning that could come in various shapes and delightful forms!

Furthermore, i was blessed with jovial and cheerful colleagues who frequently peppered my surroundings with jokes (at times, sexual) and infectious laughter! Of course, i am also very grateful that they had been very patient and helpful with my occasional stupid questions regarding the healthcare industry.

So why did i choose to leave? 
- keeping mum - 

My decision to leave was after much consideration (with more episodes of hair dropping) and i can tell you; i feel an immense deep sense of guiltiness for leaving AIC. I am aware of the precious time and work spent on orienting newbies like myself, and to leave after a mere three months in a permanent position had never ever happened throughout my working life!

The guilt increases when fellow colleagues came by my cubicle to wish me all the best, despite my short stay in the organisation. They didn't have to and yet they took the effort to do so. Some even brought along tokens of appreciation; i didn't cry (i am a man okay) but deep in my heart, there were short moments i wondered if have made the correct decision.

Tugging my heart strings further were these touching messages!

For those AIC colleagues who chanced upon this post, i would like to express my deepest gratitude and also my most sincere apology to all of you...

Thank you so much and i am so sorry.

p.s. on a lighter note, besides missing this bunch of wonderful colleagues, i would also be missing the food and scenery (where i can almost accurately gauge the haze condition)! :(

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