Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Joyce's Birthday & Cedele's Pear Hazelnut Chilled Cake!

It's yet again another happy birthday post! Please accept my apology for the very obvious lack of food entries in recent days but my brain was working extremely hard on some urgent matters.

If it's of any comfort, i would give a short review of the cake we ordered for my elder sister's birthday; Pear Hazelnut chilled cake from Cedele. More on that later. 

As usual, the kids were delighted for the chance to sing happy birthday in both English and Mandarin. I honestly feel that birthdays revolve around kids; before the arrival of Jerald, i was hesitant to have a cake and blow candles on my birthday. Now, i am open to the idea simply because the kids love it! 

With both children kissing Joyce after the badly sung birthday song, this loving scene did touch a nerve that could possibly kick-start the paternal biological clock in my body. Thankfully, the many many incidents where they misbehave and throw tantrums remain fresh and crystal clear in my memory...

After those memorable recollections, I think i prefer a dog over a child.  


Okay, let's return to the pear hazelnut cake. Like many people, i totally adore the carrot cake from Cedele although i didn't raise any objection when my younger sister decided to order this instead. Never try, never know right?

My verdict is that i could never resist cream cheese, especially in their chilled form. And the frosting came with hazelnut, which made it even delicious given my love for nutella! There were some misses though; the dough was definitely not as "perfectly moist" as Cedele has described on their website and i feel that the supposedly flavour of fresh Packham Pears could be a tad stronger. 

No matter what, the Teo family enjoyed this Cedele cake way better than the Bengawan Solo cake we had for Jovyn's birthday. A question for everyone; Cedele is pronounced as Ce-de-li or Ce-del?

Looking forward to your answer!  

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