Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Funny Notice on the Coach

I still remember the good old days when those accommodating uncles driving the long distance buses to Malaysia would allow passengers the flexibility to do whatever they want on the vehicle; save for having sex! 

Nowadays, times have changed. There are more notices and constant reminders would be blared from time to time, cautioning us not to litter, not to eat, not to drink in the sanitised bus and to vomit carefully into the plastic bags provided. 

Some operators took a step further by being even more detailed! For example, the Genting bus to Kuala Lumpur has a strange rule; no smelly food on board the bus. 

WTF! In my opinion, that can only relate to durians and smelly tofu. Other than that, does that mean i can safely have any other type of food while enjoying the scenic journey own the highlands?

I honestly thought so. 

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