Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hup Heng Wan Ton Mee [合興園熟食] @ Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre (Block 527, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10)

The need to send my car for a long delayed repair work resulted in a 3-hour wait that was spent visiting one of six hawker centers in Ang Mo Kio, Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre, for breakfast! 

There were so many stalls to choose from, each with its stream of loyal customers, that i found it immensely difficult to decide what to have! 

Fate eventually decided for me; Wanton noodles from this stall known as Hup Heng.

Although the size of wanton fillings can never be comparable to dumpling fillings, i thought i should still commend that the wantons were quite generous as far as filling was concerned and included bits of Chinese chestnuts that helped to enhance the flavour. 

As it has always been, the heavy carbohydrate component was the one that matters most to me when it comes to wanton, fishball or prawn noodles. It didn't disappoint at all with the mixture of sauces that made the perfectly cooked noodles optimally wet and slurpy! 

Once again, despite the initial expectation that these pieces of char siew might just make the cut, i am sad to find the porky taste that i strongly dislike! And they lacked the charred-ness that should be mandatory on every piece of char siew!!!  

I miss my Kay Lee. :(


Block 527, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10,
#01-141,  Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre 

As above

S$2.50 per plate

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