Saturday, July 28, 2012

Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken - A Healthy "Burger" @ MOS Burger

Losing weight has been one of the main things i strive to achieve in my 30s although more often than not, temptations and cravings have proven otherwise.

In order to arrest the steadily rising weight, i have found a place where i could partake in a delicious meal without the need to take in unnecessary carbohydrates; MOS burger.

You heard me right! MOS Burger - the fast food restaurant from Japan that sells western fare with a nippon twist. And the healthy food i have in mind came in this paper wrap.

A bag filled with raw lettuce! Oh please, i will not pay the price of S$3.50 even if these few pieces of green lettuce were air-flown from Japan! The actual use of the lettuce is to wrap the meat patty!

These fresh greenies tasted crunchy and were especially nice with some chilli sauce. This is one of the rare times where i have my vegetables first and brought into picture the Chinese proverbial idiom "先苦后甜" - which means to suffer first before enjoying the fruit of your sufferings.

The "fruit". A chunky piece of grilled chicken cooked in a yummy soy sauce marinade that was all the more desirable with that layer of slightly charred fats!

To prove my point (however unreasonable that might be) that Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken is indeed healthy, you can even find a few strips of onions!

For those who are unaware, onion is also known as the KING of vegetables!


  1. Good marketing.End of day, well its still a fast food.

    Mos burger never makes me full. I like their fries!

  2. never make you full? That's the reason why i like to eat it! :P

  3. never make you full? That's the reason why i like to eat it! :P


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