Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mezzanotte Gelateria - Apparently the Home of Italian Ice Cream @ Upper Thomson Road [Near Nee Soon Camp]

Gelato has been in Singapore for quite a while now and many people are aware of the key differences between ice cream and gelato (which also means ice cream in Italian).

For the benefit of those who are still confused like me, please refer to the above picture taken at this barely-a-year old cafe located pretty near to Nee Soon camp - Mezzanotte.

I noticed the gelateria when it was still undergoing renovation and despite passing by a few times when i dined at Porridge King and Hans; i have never felt the motivation to enter.

My understanding of gelati (plural of gelato) is unimpressive; they are way too sweet, too light a bite and lack the essential milkiness that make ice cream so rich and delicious!

However, Cavin can never resist a treat from Vannie.

The strawberry gelato was, as expected, overly sweet although i have to say i rather enjoyed the tiny bites of real strawberry seeds!

This was a two-scoop combination of salted caramel and pistachio. Let's began with the bad; salted caramel which was once again over the top as far as sugar level is concerned.

Pistachio, on the other hand, was marvellously well made with a thick, nutty creaminess that made me as happy as what pistachio is known in Mandarin; happy fruit (開心果)!

I must admit the photograph was quite well taken! And the presentation did whet our appetite when it was placed on our table.

Regrettably, the vanilla gelato (i think) tasted no different from those cheap ice cream sold in supermarkets. And the waffle was just another disappointing piece of baked dough.


906M Upper Thomson Road
[along the same row of Hans and Porridge King]

Opening Hours
As Above.

One Scoop Gelato (Piccolo Cup) - S$3.90
Two-Scoop Gelato (Medio Cup) - S$5.20
Waffle with Gelato - S$6.50

Additional Information
Adorable, 3D cakes are available at S$50! Damn, i should have gotten the hello kitty one for Jovyn for her first birthday! She totally loves the comic cat with no mouth.

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