Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gobi Cafe - Disturbingly Delightful Desserts @ 350 Joo Chiat Road [Singapore]

While walking along the lengthy and food-heavy Joo Chiat road, i chanced upon a little cafe that had an AO-sized poster filled with pictures of appetite whetting desserts [the Crème Brulee Poire William looked exceptionally good].

Frankly, I am all prepared to splurge a bit just to pamper myself but the fact that i would not likely have more than one sweet course stopped me in my tracks to step beyond the glass entrance!

Having the dessert-loving Gang of Four would be a better bet in ensuring a more comprehensive review (can order more mah) for this tiny outfit known as Gobi [the name must have derived from Gobi desert].

It didn't take us more than two weeks before i found myself (with the other members) seated in a predominantly white shop that had a maximum capacity for not more than 18 dessert lovers.

"Created with Passion, Consumed with Pride" - such an egoistic statement can only be confirmed by customers and let's see if it is really true in the following review.

Espresso Baileys Souffle
With three different types of souffles, we were in a fix on which to order and had to resort to asking the staff member for her opinion; espresso souffle was supposedly top on the popularity chart.

I have nothing against souffle and i love coffee although i also belong to that weird category of humans who generally dislikes coffee related products like coffee candy, coffee cake etc [the same goes for durians]!

Despite the soggy bread texture, the light layer of sweetness resulted in a coffee related dessert that i found to be just nice for my liking.

Yolkless Cheesecake
People allergic to egg yolk should give this a try!

Densely rich yet creamily soft without a significantly over dosage of cheese (cheese lovers would not take this well), this was definitely one of the best cheesecakes i ever had, second only to the ones my sister brought in specially from Australia! Our only complaint? The almost tasteless biscuit base.

Strawberry Shortcake
Don't be fooled by its extremely boring outlook.

The melting effect was literally in play when the shortcake lightly touched the thousands of taste buds on my tongue! That amalgamation of fluffy Genoise sponge and Crème Chantilly was nothing short of amazing and we could not help but exclaim (again and again) how delicious it was!

Before this came along, I thought the highly acclaimed Scoop Cake from Tampopo was the 'matchless' cake. That position has definitely been replaced by Gobi's strawberry shortcake.


350 Joo Chiat Road

Opening Hours
Mondays - Closed 
Tuesdays to Thursdays - 12pm -9pm
Fridays to Sundays - 12pm - 10pm


Espresso Baileys Souffle - S$12.00
Yolkless Cheesecake - S$7.30
Strawberry Shortcake - S$5.80
[Subject to Service Charge Only]

Additional Information
These misleading bottles of mineral water placed on your table are not complimentary! Be prepared to fork out S$1.80 for a bottle.

Do take advantage of the daily tea time promotional deal from 3-7pm when you can have a slice of cake and coffee/tea for only S$7.90! Top up S$1 if you prefer to have special drinks instead of dull coffee/tea.


  1. wow from your home all the way to Joo Chiat!! Thats so far!

  2. okay lah! i used to work at Parkway Parade so as far as distance is concerned, i have gotten use to it! :p

  3. can enlighten me pls.

    How to get to that area in the quickest time (excluding driving or cab)

  4. haha, it would not be that fast also. And when i was working in parkway, circle line was not even up!

    Whatever the case, bus 16 goes to Joo chiat road! U can take it from dakota station (which is near to old airport road hawker centre)! :P


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