Monday, July 02, 2012

Fresh Hot Halal Sandwiches from a Vending Machine (Hotbake)?! @ NUS Forum

My mom used to tell me that nothing's good ever come out from vending machines. That was a long time ago  but i could not help recollecting her advice when i was awe struck by the big picture fronting the following machine.

Display is everything when it comes to marketing and the delicious looking sandwich met its objective in stopping me in the middle of my walk to the office.

Both options appeared good enough as breakfast for my stomach although option A "Roast Chicken Pizza" was more comforting for my thinning wallet. 

90 seconds were all the machine required to spit out a hot sandwich; 30 seconds for preparation and 1 minute for cooking. By the way, if one is not enough, you can always opt for the combo set of A+B.

Da-tah! Instructions are there for a purpose - no matter how hungry you are, leave the paper wrap alone for another 30 seconds before you tear it apart. 

Okay, the plain, compressed "look" was unexpected and brought into picture the saying "what you see is not necessary what you eventually get". However, i paid S$2.30 for this toasted bread with fillings and i am not going to throw it away just because of its look! 

The filling was, to be honest, really generous and included strips of tasty chicken, capsicum and cheese.

It was yummy enough for me to ponder on buying option B; the healthier tomato chicken. Thankfully i am way too lazy to walk all the way to Central Forum! 

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