Friday, July 06, 2012

Another Purpose for a Wheel Loader

Singapore, despite being a small country, never seems to stop constructing; be it office buildings, condominiums, public housing, gardens, parks, MRT tracks, new attractions etc. 

Therefore, i assume most of you would likely be familarised with the above heavy construction equipment known as wheel loader. And like many of you, i am aware it loads mostly sand or dirt.

In my recent trip to Pulau Redang, where roads are almost non-existent, there was another purpose for wheel loaders - to carry big items that were just unloaded straight from the boat!

You read it right! The staff members of supposedly a spanking new resort were trying their best to squeeze as many items as possible into the bucket holder. 

They did a fantastic job as far as stacking was concerned! But i wonder what would be the reaction on their faces should the boxes of unsecured air-conditioning units (as in the above picture) fall from the bucket.

I didn't find out but i bet it would be priceless. 

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