Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nasi Uduk @ Banquet Signature (AnchorPoint)

What the hell is Nasi Uduk?

Judging from the above picture, Singaporeans and Malaysians are more likely to identify it as Nasi Lemak instead of Uduk.

According to an elementary search on the World Wide Web, the only difference is the use of different type of leaves; bay leaf for nasi lemak and salam leaf for nasi uduk.

The rice had a green-yellowish tinge to them and gave a nice fragrance (may be a result of this salam leaf?) that evoked cravings for my colleague and myself every few months!

It is precisely this subtle fragrance that distinctly separates Nasi Uduk from Nasi Lemak.

Chicken wing aside (which was at most passable), the combination of having achar with sambal chilli and rice can only be termed as the most invigorating for your taste buds!


370, Alexandra Road,
AnchorPoint, #B1-44/51

S$4.00 per plate.

Additional Information
Banquet Signature is a Halal certified establishment!

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