Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fallen Trees, Wiped Out Areas Due to Freak Wind @ Mandai

Continuing the walk from my last post, this stretch of road is also known as mandai road despite it being distinctly separated from the original two-way, single lane mandai road.

This is the view that greets me whenever i drive to work! It was as if time has stopped for that moment of serenity and peacefulness. Well, at least that moment is locked-in for a few seconds before the car behind me starts honking!

Imagine a top-down view where the reflection is symmetrical with trees. Don't you think it looks like a dragon's head with the noticeable nostrils and short feelers?

For a thriving ecosystem that is brimming with greenery, it may look out of place to find branches of dried dead leaves that should have fallen to the ground.

As you can see, this tree had collapsed from the very ground it used to stand on. Was it due to old age, decay, illness or man-made reasons?

It was actually a freak wind (coupled with a heavy downpour) that destroyed quite a substantial natural area in Mandai. I actually drove past that area a few hours after the freakish wind and was appalled at the damage it caused. There is in fact a straitstimes article that explained this freak weather but i could not find it!

At that time, numerous trees were split open (across the trunk) and some had thick, broken branches that were on the verge of falling onto the road! The National Parks had no choice but to saw off the remnants before they hit any cars or humans.

This is a very mild picture showing the destruction caused by the wind in February.

From far, this gave the impression of a tree full of bats! These 'bats" were actually dead leaves that appeared to bundle up together.

Monkeys on the track!

Feed them and risk a big fine!!

The intensity and ferocity of the wind can be clearly shown in the next few pictures.

Tree trunks were practically tore off with monstrous force.

Trees that can never stand straight again after being pounded continually for a few hours.

Another picture showing a more prominent split down the centre. 

It's amazing how the wind managed to mercilessly twist this trunk to its death!

Mini plots of "burial" for trees that had to be cut down for the safety of humans.

Something to lighten up the spirit! Nature continues its cycle regardless of what happen. The power of Gaia, like what one of my friends will say.

Revitalisation is in place. Natural revitalisation, if i could add. If not for the attraction of internet, mobile phones, tv and movies, i bet i am quite suitable to a hermit life. Oh, i need an urban toilet in my natural abode though - the sitting type.

Another slightly more damaging picture of the destruction caused.

An even better one.

This may look like a wasteland now. Half a year ago, it was an area thick with green foliage.

I always find it very sad that so many trees have disappeared just like that. This unfortunate incident is definitely not comparable to the disaster we see in Japan recently but it's still a great pity.

Trees that collapsed near the water with some portions dying and the rest, barely surviving.

I am almost coming to the end of this tiring walk that lasted around two hours!

Let me cross the road to take bus number 183 back to the area i parked my car.

With so many park connectors in Singapore, maybe i should attempt a few to see what they really offer in urbanised Singapore.


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