Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Ship Restaurant @ Shaw Centre

It was a bad work week (from 05 to 11 July) and i desperately needed a place to eat and share my frustrations!

For a normal week, i eat substantially.
For a bad, stressful week, i gorge indefinitely!!

About The Ship, it came heavily recommended by my friend as a place with pleasant ambience (obviously ship theme), good service and nice, economical food.

For the price paid at such a central location, i thought it's a not bad deal but i personally don't agree that the service was commendable. It was at most satisfactory.

So what did we have to lighten our mood?

The escargots here were said to be the BEST in Singapore.

My comment was that they had too strong of a garlic taste and my preference stays with one that has the right balance of cheese, butter and garlic.

That said, I am not an expert on snails though i had a few tries before (can count using my five short and plump fingers).

Pork Loin Chops
One word: normal.

Imported from US, the two pieces of pork were not exceptional and definitely not horrid either!

Chicken Chop
The first time i realised chicken meat can taste so tender! And it's damn tasty can!?!

In my old days, i will never order chicken chop in a restaurant but this chop changed my mindset forever!

Ribeye Steak with Chicken Wings
A piece of steak with the right done-ness i requested: medium!

Usually i will get a piece of steak that's medium in the middle but medium rare at the sides. I don't have such problem with this steak; the medium done-ness was evenly spread out.

That big chunk of cheese (the smell affirmed that) was nowhere near to the blue cheese but it added a special flavouring to an otherwise common steak.

I had to add that the fried chicken wings were a delight to have; crispy skin, not oily and not overly meaty (not exactly an advantage but i was so full by then)!


All three main courses came in a set with a bowl of soup (and bread), coffee/tea and a dessert.

We had mango pudding for dessert! The texture was more mousse than the jelly-texture pudding i know of and more sourish than sweet!

It was still nice lah!

1/2 Dozen Escargots - S$13.90
Ribeye Steak with Chix Wings (Set) - S$28.90
Chicken Chop (Set) - S$15.90
Pork Loin (Set) - S$15.90

Subject to 7% GST and 10% Service Charge

1, Scotts Road, #04-34,
Shaw Centre (Besides Lido, Shaw House)

Nearest MRT Station: Orchard

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