Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pet Peeves - Pasted Flyers

Most, if not all of us, have pet peeves that may be ignored or disregarded by the general population but to the person in question, a pet peeve can be an irritating annoyance that tends to get on his/her nerves everytime he/her encounters it!

I have a particular one that makes my eyes twitch everytime i see it or them.

My housing block recently went through a lift upgrading exercise! It was great since my rubee is getting old. 

He had taken to stop walking once he reached the stairs and looked at me with his huge grumpy eyes!

There are of course disadvantages to have a lift landing on every floor.

But one incident particularly irked me!

It was nice afternoon and i was unlocking my metal gate for a relaxing walk downstairs with Rubee.

A man stepped out of the lift at the same time and proceeded to paste a notice on the wall. He stepped into the lift again once he's done.

I locked my gate and with Rubee trotting slowly beside me, i pressed the lift button. After waiting for a while, there was still no sight of the lift!!

Looking at the LED display, i realised that bloody man was stopping on every single level to paste the f*cking damn notices~!!!

A notice to buy and sell properties!!!!!!!!

I carried fat rubee, walked a floor down and went to another lift landing at the other end of the block.


From the LED display, the lift was again stopping at every single floor!!!!!  

*spewing all sorts of vulgarities*

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