Monday, July 12, 2010

Ice3 Ice Cream Dessert Cafe @ Serangoon Gardens

Superscript 3 is also known as cube so the correct nameology is the simple ice cube (Ice3)! Trust the owners to come out with such a shop name although it is damn easy to remember!

In hot and humid Singapore, ice cubes are a must-have for drinks like root beer!!

Anyway, Ms Tan was craving for some waffles after our dinner at Nakhon Kitchen (potential post for tomorrow) and i recalled an ice cream cafe in Serangoon Gardens, beside the pet shop i used to work in!

It's been such a long time since i had such great waffle! Granted, it was not as crispy as i loved but the waffle was so soft and fluffy inside!!!

The cookies and cream ice cream was a nice addition (i am comfortable even with plain vanilla ice cream) but the killer had to be the butterscotch sauce that was warm, not overly sweet and yet left a very sweet feeling in your heart.

All desserts should be like that!!
Don't you think so!?

Most mudpies are chocolate based and super duper rich. Since i am not a chocolate fan, Alcoholic Anonymous was selected.

Judging by this uncommon name, you should have guessed that it's rum and raisin ice cream!!!

Love it for the right balance of rum, thin oreo cookie base, fragrant almond slices, the raisins in and outside the mudpie and the overflowing butterscotch sauce!!

A fitting dessert for a rotten work week!


My memory told me that the crepes were pretty good too!! Shall try it next time! When i have another bad day at work! :P

11 Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Garden Estate

Very near to the all time favourite hawker centre; Chomp Chomp!

 I vaguely remember the waffle with ice cream is S$8.90 and alcoholic anonymous mudpie is S$10.90.

10% Service Charge.

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