Thursday, July 01, 2010

Durians Feast @ Sims Avenue

It's once again the durian season and it's only during this period that prices of these thorny fruits will drop tremendously!

My colleague told me she recently had a fantastic durian feast at only S$1.00 per fruit!

Kaoz, such good deal right!?!

But that's her luck. My rotten luck always revolves around unripe fruits, hardened flesh, bugs-filled husks for such cheapo durians.

A good guide is to get those durians priced in between the cheap and the expensive. In addition, always look out for the signs stating (包吃) or (包食); it means the fruit is guaranteed to be good for devouring!!

For my case, it's usually either the Mao Shan Wang or those durians priced at S$5.00 each.

I have my personal favourite stall for Mao Shan Wang (the one in balestier lor) but for the S$5.00 durians, my instinct is to drive to Geylang and have my pick at the numerous durian stalls along Sims Avenue.

It's a must to have durians by the roadside, sniffing in the polluted motor fumes while slowly peeling open the painful looking durian husks and gorging the fleshy meat within!

What are you waiting for?!

Better rush to Geylang and have your fill before the season is over!!

Never buy those ready-to-eat durians packed in styrofoam boxes and wrapped with a clear plastic film!

No matter how cheap they are!!

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