Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nihon Mura (日本村) @ Revenue House (Novena)

I can never forgive myself for not knowing the existence of this restaurant.

According to my most esteemed mummy, she had patronised this restaurant at least 4 times whereas her beloved son (me, the glutton!) has never been there before!!

In celebration of the prestigious mother's day, the family decided to dine at this almost deserted restaurant in Revenue House, a building i thought has nothing except departments handling taxes.


Trays of sushi at only S$1.19 each (non-red)!
Where can you find such good deal in a restaurant setting?!?!

Scallops sushi!
Big (luckily) with normal taste (unluckily).

Chawanmushi that's better than Sakae and Ichiban Boshi

Takopachi or the three-balls that my family is accustomed to calling them. Better than the ones in Sakae Sushi although my favourite comes from those takopachi specialty counters in Takashimaya or Bugis Junction.


More Sashimi! Have no idea why I am craving for raw food nowadays! It must be the animal in me! Wahaha.   

This pork belly [correction: salmon belly] soup had such an awful smell! But who am i to complain when my favourite snack is the smelly tofu. Which, by the way, smells heavenly!

Shishamo aka Pregnant Fish! Being a sensitive man, I felt a pang of cruelty whenever i am eating shishamo...

They were so good...

Stewed eel! Everything was delicious except for the eel. =_= It wasn't fishy but tasted a bit off. Fake one ah? 

Salmon! Love this with the sweet teriyaki sauce!

Enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon.
A perfect combination when the correct bbq style is adopted!

Some seafood cheese thingy.

Really cheesy!

Beef Shabu Shabu! Would have been fabulous if the sesame sauce (aka goma) was less salty and more fragrant.

Avocado Juice. Nothing can compare to the one in Indonesia! Within the context of Singapore, it's quite good. Slurp!

A normal dessert with ordinary ice cream and a burnt looking waffle. Surprisingly delicious and we ordered another one!

With such a mundane name (Jumbo Roll), we were amazed by its elaborated display!

Tempura prawn wrapped with rice and avocado, topped with fish roe! The stomachs (us) were bursting but we had to finish it! 


Belonging to the same group that manages Sakura, i was very pleased with the food and service in this restaurant, in view of the really economical pricing. Its direct competitor, Sakae Sushi, will be facing extreme difficulties if its quality continues to deteriorate further with ever increasing prices.

55, Newton Road,
#02-02, Revenue House

Opposite Novena Square.

So many dishes were ordered!
Total damage at a reasonable S$168.00 for 7 adults and 1 kid.

Additional Information
Ordering is pretty unique with no menu.

A cup with your table number is placed on your table. You are required to walk around the food preparation areas (sushi, desserts, drinks, ramen, bbq, udon etc) and pick up ice cream sticks to put in the cup!

After which, bring the cup to the order counter.

Unsure of what to order?

Randomly grab twenty ice cream sticks, place them in your cup, hold the cup with two hands and using the momentum of up-down shaking... the first five sticks that fall out shall be your choice.

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