Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Very Impt Issue!

Today I shall side track from my usual foodie reviews and dwell on the ever important issue that everyone must take note!! Basically this post should be stuck on the face of those damn f*cking drivers (me inclusive) on the road!!

Can’t you guys be a little bit more patient?!?! Im driving a Toyota Corolla DX that is like almost 30 years old, lack air-con, lack a fifth gear (80km/hr and my car will have fits) and has a f*cking (literally) new driver holding tightly to the steering wheel!?!? Disregarding the fact I am a new driver, you guys should also be more considerate on the road!!

How can you just cut into my lane when we were all in a f*cking jam and I was going across e yellow box!! What if the damn car in front just stopped and I will be stuck nowhere near!! You wun be fined but I will be! Just because I am a new driver shouldn’t make you inconsiderate drivers think:"New driver, tats all!!" F*CK k?!?!

Listen up, the driver of SDY3094E (12/12/05 at around 7 pm along Upper Thomson road) or whoever that knows this driver, please be considerate!! U want to rush home, I want to rush home too!! And I have no air-con cooling the sweat beads rushing out of my body!! You know how damn frustrated and hot I am?! In addition, I need to pee, poo and my dog is waiting for me to be fetched!! Fine! I give you the benefit of doubt! If you have better reasons than mine, I will apologise.

I came across another driver, a taxi. Yes, multiple horror stories about this group were famous and I always tot they were just a small percentage. Rest assured, I still think so. But today, this CityCab of SHB 1257M was travelling behind me along a residential estate (normally speed limit ard 60-70) and i was on the second lane driving a comfortable 60km/hr when he flashed his high beam on me! Another bastard!! And after that he honked at me! When he finally got to the first lane, he stared at me!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARgh!!!!!! I have a good mind to just email CityCab and demand an explanation. Should I or not?

I have been talking guys but I am sorrie babes, you are not to be spared either! A few months back, I was driving around Thomson Medical Centre (hospital?) when i was at a merging lane where I had the right of way when this b*tch driving a Benz cut across me! I give it a slight horn because we were near a hospital, must be considerate mah, but she BOCHUP!!! She accelerated and I had to brake and the best thing, she had such low concern for her life and others (she had a few kids in the car) that she went on to speed across the 1st lane!! And I tell u, it was considered heavy traffic there and I did admire her stupidity.

Thanks for listening to me. Driving is stressful…… when u have a non air-con, no fifth gear, 30 year old Toyota Corolla that is gonna be "put to sleep" next year.

I will post more photos of those bad drivers. Am i breaking the law? When I am merely admiring their audacity of displaying their stupid powers in threatening other lives?

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