Friday, December 30, 2005

Pepper Lunch!


I heard so much about this new dining place and I finally tried it!! Situated next to Mos Burger at Ngee Ann City, contrary to its name, it does not only serve lunch!

First impression when I got there, it’s a fast food kinda service. And secondly, the person taking my order did seem to be too happy serving me!! Nonetheless, I am willing to endure the prudent humiliation for food.

Basically, you choose your food, pay for it, get a number and wait for it at your table. But the novelty comes when your server (this time a polite guy) serves the hot stone dishes and explains in detail how to eat it.

Yes, the first time in a fast food outlet where I am taught to eat!!

BE CAREFUL of the hot stone, it’s really hot (duh)!! But the management took the effort to put a piece of paper around the stone to prevent people from burning themselves. It could be because of angelic consideration or lawsuits (go figure). LOL.

Beef Pepper Rice
I chose this dish because it’s e cheapest (but still not cheap)! Luckily my dear old sister offered to treat me, knowing that I was sucked dry during the Christmas season. Haha.

Now, the instructions:
1. Mix well to cook (butter hidden inside but I cannot really taste it)
2. Mix mix mix!! (literally without too much strength)
3. After mixing it, pour the sauce of your choice (Honey Brown Sauce or Garlic Soy Sauce)
4. Mix well again (yes, again)
5. Now it’s ready

There are 3 different instructions for 3 categories. But basically you can mix and match or even opt out of it (free country okay). For those with an adversity towards salty food, dun add the sauce@!!

My advice: take your time to eat! Fucking hungry kids, dun waste your time burning your tongues and starting bawling!!

Anyway, the beef was tender with a slight peppery taste. The excessive corn surprisingly enhanced the taste of the meat and the sweetness for the rice. I added the Honey Brown Sauce and it’s like….. hm…… more salty than sweet.

Overall a very good dish.

Rating: 8/10

Hitokuchi Cut Steak
My sister chose this. From the picture below, you can see more bean sprouts than anything. But the meat was succulent and rich in taste (though the number of pieces was too pathetic) but the vegetables (especially the carrots) tasted really fresh!!


1. Spread special butter on meat (have no idea how special it was. Hopefully it comes from cows)
2. Quickly turn over the patty as it cooked really fast!
3. Cook the vegetables (Eh….. Forget also can eat lah. Fresher!!)
4. Pour Sauce of your choice (aforementioned)
5. Place meat over vegetables to avoid overcooking (Hm…….. we didn’t do that)
6. Enjoy (we did. Haha)

This dish is recommended if you wish to have a small meal (not filling one)!! I didn’t say that, my sister did. For those on low carbs diet, this will suit you best!

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, a meal well eaten (I didn’t feel the pain of spending) but I hated the way the smell lingered on my polo tee!! Like I was stuck behind the cooking stove of a hawker centre!! KNS…….

Price was not that economical for the quantity served though it’s beef (not sure which part it came from). Haha. Have this meal the last for the day so that you can go straight home and bath!! And when you mix, don’t wait too long hor; the meat will stick onto e stone!!

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