Saturday, December 24, 2005

Movies - Not Just Entertainment

Have anyone of you ever ponder on the true meaning of movies except for the widely accepted fact that it’s just for pure entertainment? Have you guys and gals, for a single moment; relax after the movie and think, just a simple thought, of what the movie can teach you about your life, your relationships, your environment, your world….

Take King Kong for example. A simple though exaggerated story about a humongous ape that lives for a simple love. I mean exaggerated as in who the hell can survive the constant active swaying by the big ape!! I am surprised Naomi Watts didn’t die of concussion! Haha. .

Anyway, before the 80s, this story will be considered as anthropomorphism, pure fiction, impossible! But now, new research has shown that animals like dogs and even cows are capable of human emotions. But back then, a life (albeit non homo-sapiens) was easily sacrificed due to the inability to understand the "human" emotions.

We can laugh about "Singapore" being made as a reference in the movie but do we know that in the 1930s, Singapore was widely acclaimed as an "in" city? We can laugh about how stupid King Kong was to be lured by Jack Black and how persistent he was to just get Naomi Watts back. But numerous stories where animals were so attached to human owners that they will starve without them were often reported.

Another movie was the recent Jack Neo movie "One More Chance". Yes, I heard yawns!! But well, I like his movies for the simple reason that I can relate to them still laugh about it.

The movie was about convicts. I feel for them, I can understand their anguish but who can deny the way we react when we heard that an ex-convict is applying for a job in our company? Who will also calculate that 3% of hardcore gamblers amount to roughly 120,000 countrymen?? But what we see are only figures but can anyone deny that 120,000 persons can made up one fairly small city??

Movies exist for a purpose(s): For us to know, for us to understand, for us to learn, for us to dwell deeper into the meanings behind the movie. Not for us to just leave our popcorns, drinks in the cinema and proceeding to a Karaoke session.

Next time, watch a movie and ponder, just for a second..

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