Sunday, April 09, 2017

Up Close with Baby Sea Turtles @ Angsana Bintan's Conservation Lab [Indonesia]

The above building by the side of the beach at Angsana Bintan didn't look much from afar and our purpose for walking over was to see if it's the resort's marine centre and whether there's someone who could answer our queries pertaining to the sea activities like snorkeling.

My question was answered (i.e. no snorkeling trip as the monsoon is late this year) and while my friends were waiting for their questions to be answered, i ventured to the other end where there's a tank.

Thinking it's just a tank with water for people to wash their snorkeling masks, you can so imagine the surprised look on my face when i realised it's filled with swimming baby sea turtles!

I called my friends over and after asking for permission which was granted, they proceeded to pick up the babies; frankly, my two guy friends were literally wide-eyed and totally mesmerized with the cute little thing on their palm.

Not many could claim to have stroked the shell of a live and kicking sea turtle, what's more a baby! According to the informative staff, they would keep the babies in the tank for three months, after which they would be released to the ocean. 

If you are lucky, you may even chance upon young sea turtles swimming around the resort when you are snorkeling. The bigger ones usually don't drop by unless they are laying eggs.  

Cute right? Please do handle them with care if you are there and as mentioned earlier, do ASK for permission. Daily feeding at 2pm! :) 


Conservation Lab @ Angsana Bintan,
Bintan, Indonesia

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