Sunday, April 30, 2017

Patisserie G - Time for Desserts after Dinner! @ Millenia Walk [Singapore]

On the few occasions i was at Millenia Walk, i always noticed a literal full house at Patisserie G despite the many such dining establishments in close proximity; hence, we were ecstatic to find it almost empty on a Friday evening and decided to have desserts! 

We just had tendon at Kohaku and there's no way we could stomach another main course even though i vaguely remember a friend informing that it's famous for its egg dishes. Whatever, there's always room for sweet things after meals! 

Local newspapers and magazines for your reading pleasure; shall keep this in mind as a future reference in case i need to wait for someone at Suntec area and the person is late.

Birthday treat for me and another friend who was also borne in the month of April - much thanks to you-know-who-you-are! Blessed to have so many friends who love to fatten me up! 

Small French Hot Chocolate -super thick and you would be excused for thinking it's just melted high quality chocolate. Personally, i think i would prefer the cheaper, thinner and milkier version.

This was mine although i couldn't recollect what it was; maybe mocha? Tasted unexceptional; hence the random elimination from my over-packed brain. 

PG Dome - notwithstanding the laughter from the staff, i am insisting this should be called pokemon ball. There was a sourish sweetness to it that complemented perfected with the almond sponge! I rarely enjoy sourish desserts but as you can attest, there's always exception.

The G Spot - with sexual undertones, i am wondering what would be the answers given by parents when their young child asks what does the G stand for. I can tell you it is an abbreviation of Gwen; owner of Patisserie G. 

Never a fan of chocolate cakes; this caught my attention for being so similar to ferrero rocher, albeit in an artisan cake form and you know what's the best thing? It's not cloyingly sweet and as the name somewhat suggests, it hit the right spot. 


9 Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk #01-40/41,
Singapore 039596


Menu for Brunch and Drinks
As above.

Small French Hot Chocolate - S$4.50
Mocha - S$6.00
PG Dome - S$9.00
The G Spot - S$9.00 
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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