Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mie Goreng @ Angsana Bintan's Lotus Cafe [Indonesia]

The usual me would not want to dine in a hotel / resort unless the meal comes free in the case of breakfast that normally comes with accommodation. However, when you are in a big group, as i was in my recent Bintan trip, it's easier to just go with convenience! 

Therefore, we decided to have lunch at Angsana Bintan's Lotus Cafe; it will take a while before we can get our room cards anyway and we were already nearing the end of lunchtime. 

Order was made and this serving of crackers was put on our table. I presume it was complementary and happily took a piece; it wasn't prawn crackers and i thought it tasted more like tempeh, which i generally didn't quite like despite its popularity among Indonesians. 

My 185,500 rupiah Mie Goreng (fried noodles); the conversion would place it at almost S$20 and even though it was the most expensive mee goreng i ever have, it came with a few pricey accessories like satay and a piece of unrecognizable meat. 

Cracker here was much better as it's more like the prawn crackers i like; big, thick, chunky. If only this was given instead of the tempeh-tasting one. Achar wasn't impressive. 

Still don't know what to name this but we shall call it chicken meat exhibit A; the marination failed to compensate the dryness of the meat although it was rather meaty.

Now coming to the crown jewel; the noodle! It was flavourful and decent enough for me to reminisce the good plate of mie goreng i had back in Bintan when i was on a mission trip as part of my national service. Not the best but good enough. Without any fatty piece, i am actually quite surprised that the lean meat chicken satay tasted tender and nice! 


Lotus Cafe, Angsana Bintan,
Bintan Island, Indonesia

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