Monday, April 17, 2017

Kani King of Ramen Keisuke - Crab Broth Ramen (Rich Soup) @ Cineleisure Orchard [Singapore]

Local ramen lovers would have heard of the Keisuke brand in Singapore and although there were eleven outlets, a big majority had their own set of menu serving dishes not found in other branches. It may not even be ramen as evidenced from my post on Tendon Ginza Itsuki!

My mom had always enjoyed ramen given their usually delicious broth and my sister suggested we had dinner at the 40-seater Kani King at Cineleisure Orchard for our almost bi-weekly meetup on weekdays.

As you can see from the first photograph, the ambience was authentically retro-Japanese and i could imagine myself slurping a bowl of ramen in one of the many traditional shophouses at Tokyo! Oh well, i have yet to visit Japan and it's always nice to play on imagination every now and then for self satisfaction.

Anyway, make your own ramen from the easy-to-fill-up order list where you could determine the taste of the soup, texture of the noodles, the amount of flavoured oil and even remove ingredients you dislike! In my case, no bamboo shoot and no black fungus!

I had raved about the green tea cola on Keisuke Tokyo - Tonkotsu Ramen Special posting but i felt the urge to try out the pinkish Sakura cola instead! For a non-cola lover, there's only so much cola my tummy can take. How?!

While waiting for your food, do help yourself to the bowl of hard-boiled egg and canisters of beansprouts and gomashio cabbage! Mom is a vegetable lovers and i think she finished at least half of the beansprouts and cabbage.

Grind the sesame seeds using the wooden pestle if you need to do something; you wouldn't regret it as the crushed seeds released an aroma that totally whets the appetite when throw onto the soup!

Since i couldn't decide, i ordered both the green tea and sakura cola to be shared between my sister and i. So how was the taste of the pinkish cola?

My expression didn't change when i took a sip. Thinking my taste buds were likely sleeping, i had a longer sip and came to the conclusion that it was pretty normal. I guess i would stick to my green tea cola in the future.

Gyoza - not too bad with a chunky meaty inside that's oily yet flavourful. The size was rather decent compared to other competitors where the dumplings were so pathetically small; i might as well buy from Old Chang Kee.

Crab Broth Ramen (Rich Soup) - finally, my special order that came with all toppings except for bamboo shoot and black fungus!

The creamy, thickened soup with that unmistakable crab taste was so irresistible; i just kept drinking and drinking, alternating only because i needed to clear my normal texture noodles to get to the soup!

Chashu, or what i thought was chashu, was a disappointment as it was, simply put, a fatty bacon that didn't melt in my mouth! Nevertheless, it was enough to placate the meat eater in me.

Nearing the bottom of the bowl, the soup got a bit too salty and you know what you must do? Throw in the gomashio cabbage! My sister and mom got spicy crab and clear soup respectively and i prefer the former for that extra (albeit spicier) punch whereas the latter was too bland for my liking.

And you know what, all the bowls had crab patterns and we only realised that when we had licked clean the bowls and devoid them of their delicious content!


8 Grange Road, #01-03,
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard,
Singapore 239695


As above.


Sakura Cola - S$3.80
Green Tea Cola - S$3.80
Gyoza (5 pieces) - S$5.00
Crab Broth Ramen (Rich Soup) Special - S$18.90
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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