Friday, April 14, 2017

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat & Tze Char (華龍魚頭爐,煮炒) @ 347 Ang Mo Kio [Near Singapore's AMK Hub]

Ever since i scrapped my car a year ago, some of you might have noticed a significant drop in food postings as it's more inconvenient for me to check out places that are less accessible and on most weekends, i am just too lazy to venture out of my comfy, little nest

However, my family members are always keen to check out new dining establishments and given my mom's love for fish and soupy stuff, my elder sister suggested having fish-head steamboat at Ang Mo Kio Block 347!

It's Joyce's second visit to Hualong and although I am not a big fan of fish-head steamboat, i am easily placated so long the stall offers a wide variety of tze char dishes! 

And there were many to choose from at Hualong, judging from the above menus. Since there were seven adults and two kids (who can eat adult portions), i left the ordering to the older generation who might have dietary restrictions.

Fishhead Steamboat (Red Grouper) - the operator claimed their steamboat to be one of the best in Singapore as no MSG is added and their soup was made of "old mother hen, anchovies, yellow beans, rock sugar etc" that's slow cooked for many hours using the traditionalists' favourite charcoal. 

Personally, the soup was indeed sweet yet not overly laden with salt; the kind of plain jane yet homely broth that i could probably down a few bowls without getting jelak. The fish tasted so smooth and fresh but i am satisfied with just taking a small piece as i know the rest love fish more than i do. 

Venison with Red Wine - Tender and infused with the enticing aroma of red wine, i couldn't help feeling guilty whenever i had venison as i keep thinking of bambi! 

Marmite Chicken - strangely, i felt like i was having Korean style chicken although this was better than the typical Korean-style ganjang chicken; sweet, addictive and blessed with flavourful chicken skin! 

Honeydew Wasabi Prawns - with just a light hint of wasabi surrounding a thick batter encapsulating each prawn, i didn't think this should be classified as wasabi prawns. In fact, the fruits left a deeper impression.

Salted Egg Calamari - on one hand, this was heavy with the flavour of salted egg and as per my review for the wasabi prawns, this would be appropriately named. However, on the other hand, on a personal preference; i like my salted egg calamari sweeter. #complicated humans

Homemade Beancurd with Radish - this was so good; we regretted ordering the "small" portion! As expected, homemade beancurd was silky smooth; however, the combination matters in this case. Add in the preserved radish (chai po), light-coloured sauce and the fried shallots for culmination into an appetising dish that's perfect for a bowl of plain white rice. 

Chilli Crab - at 600 grams a crab, this would be the kind of chilli crab i love; fresh and spicy yet a bit sweet with a strong dosage of tomato. However, the two elderly ladies on our table (my mom and Joyce's mother in law) opined that it's not spicy enough! How could that be? Louise and i were literally sweating on our foreheads.

Buns - love mini-sized buns as it translates into a psychological illusion of lesser carbohydrates which is necessarily when we were already super duper full! 

Within the thin layer of deep fried crust laid a super soft, pillowy inside that was just the thing to go with the chilli crab sauce! Despite a bulging tummy, i couldn't control taking one again and again!

Burp! p.s. that's not my tummy. 


Block 347, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3,
#01-2142, ST 31 Coffee Shop,
Singapore 560347 (Near AMK Hub)


As above.


Operating Hours
Lunch - 11.00am to 2.30pm
Dinner - 4.30pm to 11.00pm

Order List
As above.

Fishhead Steamboat Red Grouper (M) - S$38.80 
Venison with Red Wine (M) - S$20.00
Marmite Chicken (M) - S$15.00
Honeydew Wasabi Prawns - S$22.00
Homemade Beancurd with Radish (S) - $9.00
Salted Egg Calamari (M) - $20.00
Chilli Crab - S$38.00 each
Buns - S$0.40 each
(No GST, No Service Charge)

Additional Information
Do check out the satay within the same coffee shop. 
For review, please click here.

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