Thursday, April 20, 2017

Goofing around at Caffe Bene @ Bandung [Indonesia]

With most retail shops opening at 10am and the time was only about 9.10am, we decided to hop into the first cafe we chanced upon after exiting from Amanda Brownies; Caffe Bene!

The cafe had just started its business for the day and the place was literally empty! Ambience was comfortable and the interior design did remind me of the cafes in Korea when i was there in 2014.

There were great photo spots and with mom around, it's easier to get her to pose for my camera and get a few decent pictures to flash on this blog.

It's even easier to get our dear Joyce and she's always daring to try all kind of poses! With the lack of customers in the cafe, her boldness spiked further and she simply pulled the poor bear out of the chair for the above shot!

She even took unloaded the fake bingsu displays from the counter, although i must admit permission had been sought from the counter staff, and attempted to train my mom to give the ultimate expression!

Mom failed quite miserably even though it's a piece of cake for Joyce!

Okay, i only had hot chocolate and we didn't top for any bingsu as it was too early for cold desserts. Furthermore, we had a darn heavy breakfast at Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel; hence, i could not share any review on the food. However, you may refer to the menu above for price reference.


Location Map

As above.

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