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Ginseng Chicken Soup & BBQ Set B in Seoul Chicken Korean Restaurant @ 435 Sembawang Road (Near Chong Pang, Yishun) [Singapore]

With reference to my review of Seoul Chicken Korean restaurant last month, i mentioned that the operator insisted i should try the BBQ set the next time i were to visit.

In less than twenty days, i revisited the restaurant and this time round, i brought along my mother as she enjoys Korean cuisine and it's located pretty near to where we stay in Yishun.

As a true blue Singapore who also happens to be a non-smoker, i prefer the cooler air-conditioned indoor seating but the only way to barbecue the meat myself is to station myself at the alfresco area! I could opt for indoor seating provided the kitchen BBQ the meat on our behalf.

It was honestly not a bad idea since i have the tendency to overcook the meat. p.s. note that there is improvement on my cooking skill ever since i moved out of my parents' place.

Anyway, it's time to chill and help ourselves to the big jar of cold barley tea while we wait for our food to be served onto our table.

Ginseng Spring Chicken Stew (Samgye Tang) - now, i have drunk supposedly the best ginseng chicken soup in Seoul and even though i wasn't that impressed with it as a ginseng chicken soup, i must say the nutty toppings for the samgyetang at Seoul Chicken did bring back some nice memory of Tosokchon.

This was flavourful as a bowl of well seasoned chicken soup but just like Tosokchon, the taste of ginseng wasn't very obvious. The chicken had a tender texture and the meat fell easily from the bones; good for the older generation. At close to S$30, this was actually pricey.

BBQ Set B - in addition to the side dishes which differed from the ones we had earlier in March and the meat for BBQ, we had the option for kimchi stew, bean paste soup or seafood tofu soup.

It's a no brainer for us; seafood tofu soup since it's likely more expensive than the rest! Haha. We didn't regret the choice as it was spicy without burning our tongue and in that surprisingly cool weather that we were blessed with that day, it was shiok sipping spoonful after spoonful of the soup.

Another thing that came with the BBQ set was the cheese corn on the hot plate! Do you enjoy the butter corn kernels sold at stalls in pasar malam? Just imagine that the cheese corn was an elevated level that was addictive and tastier!

Here's our BBQ meat that consisted of pork belly, spicy marinated chicken, marinated pork collar and teriyaki chicken. The teriyaki chicken should have been the marinated boneless prime rib beef but we requested for a change as mum doesn't' take beef.

Like any decent Korean BBQ restaurant, a serving of green veggies would be given. The variety wasn't as extensive as the ones at Ju Shin Jung although it didn't quite affect me since i was feeling carnivorous that day.

A closer look at the meat we had; they were generally quite alright even though i failed to detect any exceptional factor except for maybe the pork belly. For non-marinated meat, it turned out really nice with a smoky aroma enveloping each bite! Mom opined that Ju Shin Jung was better though.

Despite my carnivorous state, i think it's still best to ingest some green vegetables to aid in gut movement even though i was actually pretty full.

Remember not to leave the meat on the heated pan for an extended period of time as they would obviously get charred; you can choose to eat them as fast as possible or put them on a separate plate.


435 Sembawang Road,
Singapore 758398

As above. 

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Samgyetang - S$26.90
BBQ Set B - S$48.00
(Subject to Service Charge)

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