Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Simple Mie Goreng Lunch at an Indonesian Singapore-style Hawker Centre on Bintan Island - 10 Minutes Drive from Angsana Bintan [Indonesia]

The resort cluster on Bintan Island was known to cater for the Singapore market and not too long ago, the Singapore currency was even accepted as payment for goods and services even though the island is managed by Indonesia!

Major problem for Singaporeans is that the prices for goods and services at the resort cluster were known to be exorbitant despite the supposed lower standard of living and this doesn't bode well for someone like i who doesn't earn much in the first place.

Fret not, i have a suggestion should you decide to make a trip to the resort cluster. Hint in the above photograph and no, i am not asking you to pack food from economically-priced stalls at Singapore's numerous hawker centres.

This is actually a hawker centre situated right within the resort cluster of Bintan Island and in actual fact, a mere 10-minute drive from Angsana Bintan where i stayed over the weekend!

My two friends were quite keen to try the hawker food and i guess why not since we were going back to Singapore later that afternoon. As usually, i couldn't quite decide what to have and eventually settled with a dish that i have always been comfortable with in Indonesia.

Mie Goreng - fried noodle!

At 15,000 rupiah (roughly S$1.60), this was sufficiently delicious enough for me although the texture was a bit hard. Honestly, it wouldn't be hard to whip up a similar version given that the stall was using the common Indomie-brand instant noodles and i just need to add in a fried egg and some diced green chilli. The only issue was the lack of wok essence (wok hei) if i cook at home!

Friend got a plate of satay; once again, i wasn't impressed. The meat was too lean and i have always preferred a fattier cut for their flavourfulness. Not sure how much they cost since my friend paid for it.

I have actually blogged about this place before but this would be the first time i am having my meal at the hawker centre. You may click here for more information on the local market, the hawker centre and their surroundings. 


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