Sunday, December 11, 2016

SilkAir Studio - Wireless Inflight Entertainment on Your Mobile Devices

I am a cheapo when it comes to airplane tickets and hence, prefer budget airlines that has no meals, no in-flight entertainment; conveniences i am willing to sacrifice for a significantly cheaper ticket. 

Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when i boarded the SilkAir plane to Bandung and couldn't find the dedicated screen that's supposedly right in front of my seat! In anticipation that it would be provided, i didn't download sufficient movies on my phone app and i bet the ceiling screen would likely be a common channel for a bigger audience. :( 

Nothing's lost yet - while flipping through the airline's magazine, i chanced upon a schedule for movies. Strange thing to have when there's no in-flight entertainment and that's when i noticed the word "wireless". 

There's an instruction leaflet stuffed in the seat pocket in front and i diligently followed the instructions. No more cloud watching which can get boring after a while! 

Instructions - switch on your phone, leave it on airplane mode, activate your wireless and connect to either silkair1 or silkair 2. Once connected, go to your browser and type 


Although the use of technology is commendable, there are several shortfalls to SilkAir Studio; screen size is obviously much smaller if you are using a phone as i did, the amount of content also appeared to be a lot more reduced (under action, there is only two movies) and lastly, we are draining the battery of our mobile devices and i didn't see any USB charging ports around me.  

Whatever the case, i am happy to be able to watch Expendables 3; a two-hour movie that i couldn't complete on the plane as the flight to Bandung was only two hours and as you know, announcements would disrupt the playing of movie and mobile devices are required to be switched off prior to take off and landing. 


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