Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rumah Makan Sedap Purwakarta @ Riau Junction [Bandung]

Our first day in Bandung was mostly spent exploring the various shopping outlets within walking distance from Best Western Premier La Grande hotel and by the time we were done, hunger had set in and we eventually settled with a food court along the way at Riau Junction!

Of course i must have Indonesian food and remembering how amazing Indonesian style mee goreng is, i know exactly what to order and found what i wanted Rumah Makan Sedap Purwakarta stall.

Mie Goreng Special - when this was placed on my table by the stall helper, i knew something was amiss; the noodles themselves were not the "indomie" type and seemed more like the yellow type that i personally abhor.

Though intensely fried with soya sauce (hence the darker shade), the taste wasn't the Indonesian style mee goreng i fondly remember and it was also wetter than the authentic version. I am not sure if it's a matter of a different preference across regions since Indonesia is humongous!

And there was absolutely nothing special about this mie goreng; the most i can give credit for was the fried egg on top.


Foodlife food court,
Riau Junction top floor, Bandung


As above

As above.

Mie Goreng Special - 34,000 rupiah

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