Thursday, December 08, 2016

Owls & Other Wildlife (Snakes etc) for Sale @ Bandung City [Indonesia]

Happiness would normally envelop me whenever i catch sight of an owl in front of me but in this case of a barn owl at Bandung city, sadness would be a more appropriate emotion.

It was for sale, together with another adorable baby owl that wasn't chained yet seemed unable to fly away from its fate as a commercial product. 

I maintained a staunch belief that wildlife should be left in the wilderness unless it is no longer able to protect itself or has gotten too accustomed to a domesticated, human--resulted life. As someone who couldn't communicate in Bahasa, i am unaware of where they come from although there is a high likelihood the owls were captured in the wild. 

The seller wasn't displeased with me taking photographs and had in fact, gamely put his hand underneath the baby owl to force it to climb onto his fingers for a better picture! I almost fainted as the little bird was screeching with utmost displeasure.

Other than birds, there were a few tanks containing snakes, iguanas and hamsters! As rodent is a main food source for snakes, i am wondering if the hamsters would be utterly freaked out with the presence of so many predators right next to them.

As someone who is terrified of snakes, my selfish worry was where my legs should run too if any of the snakes were to break free! 

My natural instinct would be to freeze; hoping that the snake would go for those who are moving. Plan B was to grab the two balls of hedgehogs and throw them at the runaway snake! Frankly, i am not sure what i will do.

Sugar gliders - there was a period of time that they were quite popular as pets in Singapore. Other more-pet-like animals available for sale included rabbits and cats in another makeshift store right in front of the owl-snakes one. 

The pop-up stores were easy to find, next to a main road and not hidden in some dark alleys as in the case of Singapore where the sale of wildlife is strictly prohibited unless a license is provided. 


Location Map
The stores were within walking distance from Best Western Premier La Grande hotel and if you are interested to check out the wildlife, it's best to go in the evening, from maybe 5 pm.

For the itinerary of my five days, four nights inaugural trip to Bandung, please click here.

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