Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Instructions on How to Use the Urinal (For Men Only) @ Bandung [Indonesia]

There are many advantages to overseas travel and my personal favourite is to experience the cultural differences between the host and home country; how things we take for granted in Singapore is not necessarily processed in the same way in the country we travel to. 

A usual pee session at a urinal in the male toilet (@ Bandung Airport) would not have me noticing the sticker but it was placed right in front me, at my eye level and i thought i might as well make use of the "time" to read the content; half suspecting the words would be in Bahasa Indonesian which i don't understand. 

English translation was in yellow and the subject was "how to use the urinoir". By urinoir, i gathered it's the urinal but why the hell would a man need to be taught on how to use it?! Furthermore, there's nothing on the instruction telling us to, well, unzip, take out the necessary organic tool and aim "it" correctly! 

p.s. i think the key takeaway is to ask the users to flush the urinals. In this case, the first step asking them to face the urinals can be removed. Men may not be as smart as the ladies but i am sure we are aware that we have to face the urinal when we pee. 


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