Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 - Unwrapping the Presents!

Happy Boxing Day! 

I was all prepared to cover the annual Christmas lighting at Orchard Road but laziness had set in together with an insatiable appetite for sleep after my trip to Bandung earlier this month.

It feels weird not to have any posting on the day of gifting and even though it might appear to be cheating, i am showing the expression of Jovyn and Jerald as they unwrapped the presents i got for them!

Even when i was a kid, i couldn't resist unveiling the item(s) covered with boxes and papers; that curious sense of anticipation as the little fingers picked through the scotch tape / double-sided tape holding the paper.

Frustration kicked in after a while and it was quicker to just poke a hole in the wrapping paper and tearing it apart! 

That look of joy was the ultimate present for the giver, especially one who dislikes buying presents as there are often too many thought process; what they like, what's the current trend, are the things i bought too cheap etc? 

They weren't even expensive to begin with; two packs of kinder bueno eggs featuring Jovyn's favourite Frozen characters! Okay, i think that movie is a bit passe now but she still likes Elsa, Anna and Olaf! 

The older brother looked on as the younger sister expressed her surprise at his gift; a pack of kinder bueno eggs with elements from Zootopia!   

Since the kinder bueno eggs don't cost much, i actually prepared another present for each of them. In the past, i used to ask the kids what they wanted but this supposedly kind gesture turned into a "i want this, i want that" behavior which i thought isn't right. 

Well, they seemed pleased with what was given although Jerald was happier with his Poke ball that my sister bought for him earlier. 

We have discussed on the gifts that i prepared for the kids; now's my turn to unwrap the presents given by friends and colleagues! I don't know about you but i have reached the age where presents are secondary to company and this year, i have had a few special arrangements where friends met up for a get-together meal with no gift exchange! 

Presents unwrapped - many thanks to all of you for the thoughtful gifts! If you are reading this, remember that i always treasure a good meetup where we bond and laugh over meals! :) 

By the way, try not to tear away the wrappers as i did; one friend wrote messages in the inside of the paper and i almost threw it away! The one who wrote friendship as friend followed by the logo of a boat. Thankfully i am smart enough to get the meaning! Haha. 

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